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About Us

Endacom Pty Limited was created in 2005 and has grown exponentially in to an established market leader in the tunnel and civil construction industry. We are a client focused business with major emphasis on implementing safety and quality on every project. Working with people is our specialty, our flexible and innovative approaches means we have capabilities to provide clients with outstanding service and results. Our company has grown it’s reputation and known to tackle the technically difficult sections in underground construction such as robotic shotcreting, large scale excavation (roadheader – deep excavations) and complex ground support systems, which we are extremely proud of. Civil projects have always come naturally to us from the beginning and we have the capability to run projects from concept to completion.

We have a wealth of experience gained from working in local and overseas markets on prestigious construction projects such as North Connex and The Mumbai Metro.


Endacom boast a diverse cliental base from tier one joint ventures to government bodies and independent company contractors, below is  a snippet of clients that have engaged Endacom to help achieve results on there projects

Our Values


“At Endacom, our bedrock is safety, transparency, and professionalism. We take workplace safety seriously, striving for top-notch quality while ensuring everyone’s well-being. Our safety and management teams work hand in hand, meticulously planning and executing projects with the utmost care.

We’re big on equality and giving everyone a fair go. Endacom champions diversity and believes in open communication to build a strong team and in  how we communicate to others .

At our core, we balance professionalism, diversity, community, and the environment. We’re focused on fostering enduring relationships and building a brighter future.”

Get In Touch

Use the below link to reach out to the Endacom team with your enquiry and let one of our dedicated team get back to you with  a solution  .