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Endacom have worked on some of Australia's largest scale projects either being mining and tunnelling, mass excavation or FRP works (re-enforced concrete). we have been involved in international tunnelling projects and are one of the first company's to bring the NATM to the Indian metros.

Endacom has a keen eye for detail and a solution for every situation, be it to undertake in a project or a consultation and a design where others hesitate. success runs deep within our projects . Do not hesitate to reach out and Discuss your project needs with Endacom

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Endacom is experienced in design and construct NATM tunneling methods, from hard rock drill and blast to soft ground excavation.


Endacom earth works division specialise in detailed excavations, bulk earthworks, in ground services and muck away hauling.


We provide tunnel FRP, road paving, bridge construction which include rail and road bridges, bridges for cyclist and pedestrians, and specialist civil structures.


Use the below link to reach out to the Endacom team with your enquiry and let one of our dedicated team get back to you with  a solution.