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Endacom have a no-nonsense approach to WHS, we aim to achieve the highest quality in our work, completed with the safest possible approach.

When it comes to our WHS we Start in the background, our safety team and management team are dedicated to planning, mapping, and delivering the safest possible solution to achieve our projects completion.

Our WHSMS is backed by our iso 9001, 14001 and 45001 certification and lays the foundation for our operations.

We expect the highest standard in WHS through management guidance and skilled labour delivery, our aim is to achieve success whilst bringing our team safely through our projects.

Our skilled labour undertakes regular training and refreshers to maintain a skilled workforce which is not only current in licence but current in the knowledge and skills needed to provide a safe working environment. We believe skills learned are skills applied helping us achieve our safety dream.

Compliance with WHS legislation is a fundamental objective for Endacom and we invite communication and participation with our employees to find the most practical and safest approach to our work.

WHS remains a learning curve throughout ever changing environments in our construction journey and we strive to stay ahead of the game and deliver an above standard approach which we will confidently carry with us worldwide.

View our WHS policy here!!

ISO 9001:
Quality Management Systems

Endacom Quality Management systems' is ISO 9001 certified . It is the ultimate global benchmark for quality management. it ensures Endacom meets the needs and expectations of both customers and other interested parties, based on internationally recognised quality management principles set out by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

ISO 45001:
Health and Safety

Our WHS is accredited through ISO 45001 certification . This global standard represents our commitment to WHS and is used to instil confidence in our clients in our ability to manage and perform to a global WHS standard .

ISO 14001:
Environmental Management

In everyday activities it is important to protect and consider the environment around us , construction is all about building and change, our efforts to shape the community around us starts with the environment as a base fundamental, at Endacom we pride ourselves with the ISO 14001 certification maintaining procedures and processes are in place to protect and minimise the effects we have on the environment around our construction activities .

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