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Endacom possesses the ideal combination of technical expertise and cutting-edge machinery to successfully undertake any earthmoving project. Our team of highly skilled technicians ensures the delivery of comprehensive and professional earthmoving services. We offer a complete range of machinery, including Scrapers, Dump Trucks, Loaders, Excavators, Rollers, and more, catering to projects of various sizes. Whether it’s large-scale endeavours, specialized excavations, shaft sinking, or tasks requiring telescopic reach, Endacom is well-equipped to handle all facets of your project with precision and efficiency Both above ground or under ground .

Backed by Big brands such as Kubota ,Kobelco ,Volvo, Caterpillar, Liebherr and Sandvik!!  We have What you need to get the job done .

We have a range of Excavators from 5T – 50T with specialist equipment such as pineapple heads , scaling rippers , hammers of different sizes , all machines are kitted with state of the art cabin and filtration systems perfect for underground works ,  our hammers are fit with misting systems for dust suppression at the face .

10T – 15T -21T Loaders for all terrain , specialist Sandvik equipment for low headroom and tight underground services and powerful Cat 938K for the above ground open space .

Check out our plant page to see more .

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Use the below link to reach out to the Endacom team with your enquiry and let one of our dedicated team get back to you with  a solution.